Jabuticaba (Plinia cauliflora, or, in South America, the jabuticabeira tree which bears jabuticaba fruit), is a medium sized fruit tree native to Brazil. This ornamental, understory rainforest tree has small white flowers and sweet, deep purple (when ripe) fruit resembling in taste and appearance purple Concord grapes. Flowers and subsequent fruit are born on old wood and bud directly from the trunks and branches (referred to as a cauliflorous habit), rather than from younger, smaller twigs as in most other fruit trees.

I first planted this tree as a 6 inch sapling four years ago, but the salt air where it was first planted burned the leaves, so it was moved three years ago to a side of our lot blocked from the salt spray by a large mango tree, where it is beginning to take off this year.

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Jabuticaba, vintage 2017.

Or is that an arborage?