Fundoscopic Photography With the iPhone 5 and Welch-Allyn PanOptic Opthalmoscope

Although detailed fundoscopic photography is usually the province of the retinal specialist, I think that there is a place for fundus photography in neurology, especially improving on the standard of writing down our documentation of optic disc abnormalities such as atrophy or pailledema. This is especially true with the advent of better quality cameras in our cell phones.

Welch-Allyn has made an adapter for the iPhone4 to allow fundus photography with their excellent Panoptic opthalmoscope, but they do not plan to make one that fits other phones, at least so far. However, there are a number of inexpensive brackets made for microscopes to allow cellular phones to take photomicrographs, and they do allow the Panoptic opthalmoscope to be used with the Welch-Allyn iPhone retinal photography app, called the iExaminer (available for iPhone to go with the iPhone 4 adapter, and not to my knowledge available for Android).

The cell phone/eyepiece bracket I ordered for the purpose arrived yesterday. I'll post about my experience later.

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