Expensive Places For Christmas: New York, Paris, London, and... Hilo?

Hat Tip: Nerdwallet.com.

Most expensive places for holiday spending

RankCity/MetroGiftsDecorationsGreeting cardsFlowersChristmas treeCost of food4 movie ticketsBottle of wineAverage cost
1New York (Manhattan) NY$875.24$81.27$44.18$30.73$66.78$127.78$55.32$10.94$1,293.93
2Hilo HI$759.05$70.48$38.31$26.65$57.92$132.08$40.08$11.84$1,172.02
3New York (Brooklyn) NY$731.87$67.96$36.94$25.70$55.84$122.65$56.00$9.99$1,120.99
4Boston MA$746.33$69.30$37.67$26.21$56.95$111.76$46.76$9.49$1,104.88

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