Underwater photography with the Canon PowerShot D30


1. Easy to carry and use. No big heavy case around the camera to open and close near splashing salt water.

2. A good default underwater white balance setting.

3. Takes good high resolution videos at 24 fps, which for most underwater movement speeds is as good as 30 fps.

4. Reasonable (1 to 1.5 sec) shutter lag from button press, which improves ability to take quick photos of moving targets.

5. 25 meters is deep enough for almost all recreational dives around Hawai'i, and is much better than the Nikon AW120, which cannot get to the 70 to 80 foot depths that are common diving here.


1. Lacks a manual white balance mechanism.

2. No raw mode.

3. Shutter speed in dimmer light is not very good, due to a smaller lens aperture (f 3.9) than most more expensive cameras.

4. Shutter lag: any at all is a problem when the fish are shy.

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