Aloha Friday: Hilo Hanakahi

Hilo Hanakahi
I ka ua Kanilehua
Puna paia ʻala
I ka paia ʻala i ka hala
Kaʻū i ka makani
I ka makani puwehuwehu
Kona i ke kai
I ke kai māʻokiʻoki
Kawaihae i ke kai
I ke kai hāwanawana
Kohala i ka makani
I ka makani ʻĀpaʻapaʻa
Waimea i ka ua
I ka ua Kīpuʻupuʻu

Hāmākua i ka pali
I ka pali l koaʻe

Haʻina ka puana
I ka ua kani lehua
Hilo of Hanakahi
Where the rain is in the lehua forest
Puna of the fragrant bowers
Fragrant with the blossoms of the hala
Kaʻū , a windy district
Wind that scatters the dust
Kona, land of calm seas
Sea marked with sea lanes
Kawaihae has a sea
A sea that whispers
Kohala has a wind
A gusty wind
Waimea has the rain
A cold pelting rain
Hāmākua cliffs
Cliffs where the bird soars
This is the end of my song
Of the rain in the lehua forest
Source: King's Songs of Hawai`i - Verse 1, stanza 1, Hanakahi was an ancient beloved chief of the Hilo district and is still honored by his association with Hilo. Stanza 2, Kanilehua is the name of the rain in that district. Verse 4, stanza 2, the sea off the Kona coast has various colored stripes when viewed from the slopes above, sometimes referred to as sea lanes. Verse 6, stanza 2, ʻĀpaʻapaʻa is the name of the wind of that district. Verse 7, stanza 2, the name of the wind in that district is Kīpuʻupuʻu. Copyright 1938 Charles E. King. 

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