Aloha Friday: 2013 Merrie Monarch Festival and E Pili Mai

Mili Hokoana English, of Maui, won the Merrie Monarch 50th anniversary hula dance competition yesterday in Hilo.

Merrie Monarch is a yearly hula dance festival here.

Here's a link to a Youtube recording of a different version of the song (Mili's version had two original verses) .

E Pili Mai (Come To Me) - Words by Larry Lindsey Kimura, Music by Cyril Pahinui

ʻAuhea wale ana ʻoe
Kuʻu lei o ka pō
Pō anu hoʻokahi nō au
Sweetheart mine
E pili mai

Inā ʻo ʻoe a ʻo au
ʻIke i ke ahi o Makana
He makana ia na ke aloha
No na kau a kau
ʻO ʻoe aʻo au
Sweetheart mine
E pili mai
Where are you
My sweetheart of the night
The night is cold and I am alone
Sweetheart mine
Come to me

If you and I are together
We'll know the fires of Makana
It would be a gift given of love
For all time
You and I
Sweetheart mine
Come to me

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